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MAP has been operated in the sector of structural steelwork since 1974. Founded by Francesco Pesatori, in the first 10 years it has grown from being a small workshop called MAP S.n.c. in Trezzano sul Naviglio, acquiring considerable experience and thus prestige in the field of metal structure production, and in 1985 it changed name and company status to MAP S.r.l.. In 1988 Alberto Pesatori, the founder’s son, joined the technical staff and, year after year, he went through all the steps of the organization chart, from the workshop to the technical office, practicing all aspects of the activity. Today he is the Technical Director.

MAP has always been able to look forward, with the awareness that competence and innovation must evolve hand in hand. The company has therefore diversified its work, moving from the creation of simple blacksmith works such as fences and gates, to the construction of more complex carpentry structures that needed careful design development. The potentials and resources placed at the disposal of the customer, along with a desire to offer an even wider and more selective range of products to be able to meet every demand with the adequate solutions, have made it necessary to acquire a larger plant, something which has been done in the early 2000, when the company moved to its new headquarters in Cornaredo, with an open area of 6,000 sqm and a covered area of 4,500 sqm.

The company is certified by SOA and may thus carry out public works in the OS18 class V category for design and construction of structural parts in steel or metal, and operates with the quality system provided by the UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 3834-2 for welding and EN 1090 for factory production control.

The exciting experience of Expo 2015 has confirmed the idea that metal carpentry work must continue to evolve, to meet structural and architectural needs at its best. A cutting-edge production philosophy that, over the years, has allowed MAP S.p.A. to express its potential becoming a point of reference in the market.

In November 2017 MAP S.p.A. moved to the industrial area in Via Volta 12 in Corsico (MI). The production site lies on an area of 14,500 sqm, and consists of 3 sheds arranged in parallel with a covered area of 9,000 sqm and a business center of 600 sqm

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