Sheet Metal Division


Map Sheet Metal Division is specialized in the machining of medium heavy sheet metal, the company and the people that compose it are able to satisfy all the most special needs, ranging from the design field to the creative one, thanks to Cutting-edge machinery and synergy developed with the group's company: MAP Spa.

The sheet cutting department is composed by a set of plants where the technology has enabled the optimisation of the production capacity and the correct management of the tolerances , allowing customers to obtain a high quality product.

The machines and the personnel inside the workshop are supported by a valid technical office team with CAD workstations with three-dimensional and two-dimensionally designed software for drawing and For the launch of nesting (automatic process of optimization of shaped cut) entirely automatic for cutting systems.

the advanced production systems  are  based On design project in CAD and CAM allow us to quickly obtain the highest quality for each customer request.

We are also able to manage the contract since its preliminary phase to realizing phase, in agreement with the client the prototype design and the realisations of samples.


  • CNC punching machines, Ficep - Tonn. 100
  • CNC bending presses - Somo  -Tonn. 100 length 3.000mm.,
  • Notching machines
  • Metal Cutting shears up to 10mm. length 3.000mm.

Our type of processing:

  •  Assembling of metal carpentry
  •  Shearing
  •  At bends
  •  Calendering
  •  Satin finishing
  •  Plasma cutting
  •  Oxyfuel
  •  Base plate for structural elements,
  •  Plates and sheets for the formation of lifting systems and Handling
  •  Plates and plates for the realization of the machinery from various kinds
  •  Sheets for formation of switchboards
  •  Flanges of all kinds also specialed for automotive parts
  • Laser Cutting


Plasma cutting centers work sheets up to 80 mm. of thickness, the use of a drilling head capable of threading up to a maximum of 40mm. of diameter.

The "Gemini" series automatic drilling and cutting system is also suitable for light and heavy sheet metal, and can perform thermal cutting, SCRIBING marking, drilling, threading, milling, bevel cutting operations (Bevel Head), all processes can be carried out with a single plant with unprecedented accuracy: it is a complete solution for plate processing suitable for all needs.
Working range 3.100 * 13.000mm.


  • Plasma Cutting CRM 260 amp / Oxy-fuel. workbench 2.500*13.000mm.
  • Plasma Cutting CRM 130 HD / drilling cente - workbench 2.500*13.000mm.
  • GEMINI G32 HPE - Gantry Automatic CNC Drilling, Milling and Thermal Cutting GANTRY, systems for large plates.


In 2020, MAP acquired a new Laser Cutting system that guarantees a constant quality cut across the entire surface of the material and a high finish of the cutting surface with competitive tolerances for each thickness and material. Laser cutting allows you to customize products from other processes with details that require absolute precision such as holes and cuts.

The integration technology and software between the laser machines and the sheet metal warehouse allow the availability of production data in real time, with benefits in terms of flexibility, increased production efficiency, reduced processing times and waste.


  • Laser Cutting CY-LASER CY2DHL4020 Max Sheet Dimensions: 4000x2000.

The CYLASER cyber-physical system integrates with the other machines in the production cycle, thanks to the CYLASER software. It is able to manage any pre-existing automation system. It is automatically integrated into the company's logistics system. Thanks to the remote / self-diagnosis software, it allows remote control and assistance.

"Our investments of the last years have allowed a deep integration of the phase of the design phase with that of production, this has allowed an extreme optimization of production times and a simplification of the operator's activity on the machinery"

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