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Sheet Metal Division

Map Sheet Metal Division is specialized in the machining of medium heavy sheet metal, the company and the people that compose it are able to satisfy all the most special needs, ranging from the design field to the creative one, thanks to Cutting-edge machinery and synergy developed with the group's company: MAP Spa

The sheet cutting department is composed by a set of plants where the technology has enabled the optimisation of the production capacity and the correct management of the tolerances , allowing customers to obtain a high quality product.

The machines and the personnel inside the workshop are supported by a valid technical office team with CAD workstations with three-dimensional and two-dimensionally designed software for drawing and For the launch of nesting (automatic process of optimization of shaped cut) entirely automatic for cutting systems.

We are also able to manage the contract since its preliminary phase to realizing phase, in agreement with the client the prototype design and the realisations of samples.


  • Elaboration of the preliminary drawing
  • Execution of the technical drawings
  • Supply materials, of certified quality
  • Realization of prototypes and sampling
  • Transport free destination


the advanced production systems  are  based On design project in CAD and CAM allow us to quickly obtain the highest quality for each customer request.

The operating capacity of the Oxyfuel and Plasma cutting department is given by processing fields of 15000 x 3000 mm. With a maximum thickness of 160 mm. of cutting. We have a sheet metal warehouse of various sizes and different qualities, all certified according to quality standards in force.

Our type of processing:

• Assembling of metal carpentry
• Shearing
• At bends
• Calendering
• Satin finishing
• Plasma cutting
• Oxyfuel
• Base plate for structural elements,
• Plates and sheets for the formation of lifting systems and Handling
• Plates and plates for the realization of the machinery from various kinds
• Sheets for formation of switchboards
• Flanges of all kinds also specialed for automotive parts